Yet incomplete - we are working on finalizing it in the next few days (16 Oct 2014)


Profile and transactionBusiness rules versionMore info
NES Profile 1: Catalogue OnlySubmitCatalogueCatalogue  NES
NES Profile 3: Basic Order OnlySubmitOrderOrder  NES
NES Profile 4: Basic Invoice Only (FUT TS-135)SubmitInvoiceInvoicev1.103.10.2014NES
NES Profile 5: Basic BillingSubmitInvoiceInvoicev1.103.10.2014NES
NES Profile 5: Basic BillingCorrectWithCreditCredit Notev1.211.7.2011NES
NES Profile 5: Basic BillingCorrectWithDebitInvoicev1.103.10.2014NES
OIOUBL Billing Simple (2.02)SubmitInvoiceInvoicev1.515.3.2013OIO
OIOUBL Billing Simple with ResponseSubmitInvoiceInvoicev1.515.3.2013OIO
OIOUBL Advanced Order with Billing SimpleSubmitInvoiceInvoicev1.515.3.2013OIO
OIOUBL Simple Order with Billng Simple with ResponseSubmitInvoiceInvoicev1.515.3.2013OIO
NES Profile 5: Basic Billing (OIO)SubmitInvoiceInvoicev1.515.3.2013OIO
NES Profile 5: Basic Billing (OIO)CorrectWithCreditCredit Notev1.515.3.2013OIO
NES Profile 5: Basic Billing (OIO)CorrectWithDebitInvoicev1.515.3.2013OIO
BII Profile 4: Basic Invoice Only (FUT TS-136)SubmitInvoiceInvoice(none) BII
BII Profile 5: Billing (FUT TS-137)SubmitInvoiceInvoice(none) BII
BII Profile 5: Billing (FUT TS-137)CorrectWithCreditCredit Note(none) BII
BII Profile 5: Billing (FUT TS-137)CorrectWithDebitInvoice(none) BII
 ...   BII
 ...   EHF